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Gold Rugs

Gold is perhaps not the first colour that you would think of when rug shopping, but rugs with hints of gold offer elegance, luxury and often a touch of the Orient. Gold rugs act as great statement pieces which create a focal point in the room. Where you have a room that is filled with neutral tones or perhaps even on the minimalist side, a rug with a vibrant colour such as gold accents can really add interest to the space. Statement rugs can also draw attention to a fireplace or window area by drawing the eye to the right place in the room.

Alternatively, you may wish to choose a rug that will create a more welcoming space. Area rugs are perfect for this. Strategically placed, these rugs can make a room look much larger, and specifically emphasise certain features in the room. Make sure that you choose a gold rug that’s the right size. Rugs that are too small for the space won’t look quite right and can make a room look quite cold and unwelcoming. Larger rugs are ideal if you want all of the furniture legs to sit on which will bring the room together and create a cosier feel.

If you want to choose something that’s completely different and add a uniqueness to your home, you can choose geometric rugs with gold running through them or a more subdued rug with hints of gold for a more luxurious rug. What’s great about rug shopping is that there is usually a rug that suits every taste and design preference. We stock a range of gold rugs that you can browse through, compare and contrast to find the right one for your home. Browse through our online catalogue, read our product pages and explore all the details to make an informed buying decision.

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