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Best Rugs of 2023

Discover the Best Rugs of 2023: Sustainable chic and vibrant trends

2023 has been an exciting year for rug trends, with a variety of styles, materials, and designs coming to the forefront. Home Looks has been a key player in bringing these trends to homes across the UK, offering a diverse range of rugs that cater to every taste and interior design theme. Let's explore the best rug trends of 2023 that have defined our spaces.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Rugs

Sustainability has been a major theme in 2023. Home Looks has embraced this trend by offering rugs made from eco-friendly materials and sustainable manufacturing processes. 

Colour Trends in Rugs

Bold and expressive colours have made a significant impact in rug design this year. Vibrant hues and striking patterns have been popular choices for those looking to make a statement. On the other hand, natural and earthy tones have been favoured for creating serene and calming spaces.

Patterns and Designs

Geometric patterns have been a standout trend, offering a modern and dynamic aesthetic. Abstract and artistic designs have also been prevalent, reflecting a growing interest in rugs as a form of artistic expression in home decor.

Texture and Fabric Innovations

The texture has played a crucial role in rug selection. Natural fibres like wool and silk have been popular for their comfort and durability. High-tech synthetic materials have also been developed, offering resilience and easy maintenance.

Rug Sizes and Shapes

Customisable options in rug sizes and shapes have allowed for greater flexibility in interior design. Home Looks has offered a range of standard sizes, each suited for different rooms and purposes, from large area rugs to smaller accent pieces.

Cultural and Artisanal Influences

Traditional handmade rugs have seen a resurgence, with cultural and artisanal influences being highly sought after. Contemporary interpretations of classic designs have bridged the gap between tradition and modernity.

Rugs for Different Rooms

Rugs have been chosen with specific rooms in mind. Living room rugs have focused on comfort and style, while bedroom and kitchen rugs have combined practicality with aesthetic appeal.

Outdoor Rugs

Outdoor rugs have become increasingly popular, combining durability with style. Trends in outdoor rug designs have included weather-resistant materials and patterns that complement outdoor furniture and settings.

Global Influences

This year, we've seen a beautiful blend of global influences in home decor. Home Looks has embraced this diversity, offering products that bring the world into our homes.

Looking Ahead: Predictions for Next Year

As we look to the future, what trends can we expect in home rugs? Home Looks is already gearing up for these changes, planning to introduce new ranges that align with predicted trends.


The world of rugs in 2023 has been diverse and exciting, with Home Looks at the forefront of these trends. From sustainable materials to innovative designs, rugs have played a pivotal role in home decor this year. As we look ahead, the future of rug design promises even more innovation and style.


  1. What were the key trends in rug materials in 2023? Eco-friendly materials and natural fibres were the key trends.

  2. How have colour trends in rugs evolved this year? Bold colours and earthy tones have been popular in 2023.

  3. What types of patterns have been trending in rugs? Geometric and abstract patterns have been in vogue.

  4. Are there specific rugs recommended for different rooms? Yes, different rugs have been recommended for living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens based on their functionality and style.

  5. How has technology influenced rug manufacturing in 2023? Automated weaving and eco-friendly dyeing processes have been significant technological advancements.

  6. Can I decorate my home on a budget?
    Absolutely! Home Looks offers a range of budget-friendly options without compromising on style.
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