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Spring Cleaning Tips for a Beautiful Home - Home Looks

Spring Cleaning Tips for a Beautiful Home

There's nothing like having a good clear out, giving your home a deep clean and doing away with what no longer serves you. That's why the tradition of the domestic spring clean has been around for centuries. As the new season arrives, we take to our closets, cupboards and shelves to rid ourselves of the old and embrace the new.

Yet, tackling the entire house from top to bottom can seem like an overwhelming task. That's why we've gathered together some top spring cleaning tips and tasks, to help you blitz your interior and create a fresh, bright and beautiful home for the months ahead.

1. Start with a checklist

This might sound obvious, but the easiest way to tackle such a big job is to methodically work your way through a list. Breaking down each task or chore into more manageable pieces will make them easier to handle. Write down the things you really want to achieve and the rest, if you have time, can be done afterwards.

It can be as simple as working on one room per day, spending around an hour doing as much as you can. You could even write a list of the closets or drawers that are in desperate need of attention. Either way, be prepared and don't give yourself too much to do.

2. Circulate your wardrobe

The simplest way to spruce up your closet and create a sleek and streamlined space is to only keep the items you need for that particular season in it. The rest, such as chunky jumpers, winter coats and thermals can all be placed in suitcases, or storage boxes, and put away until they're needed.

Rotating your closet will also allow you to see what clothing you have, donate anything you don't wear to charity, or recycle old items into something new – the perfect spring job.

3. Declutter and organise

They say "tidy house, tidy mind" and we really think this sentiment is true. Start by having a clear out. Consider whether the items you're considering giving away are still needed. Do they still get used? Do they work properly? Do you even like them?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, then it's probably time to say goodbye. Organise each item into 'keep', 'charity' and 'throw' piles, then ensure each item you're keeping has its own place in the home. Stack-able storage boxes can be really helpful for keeping all your possessions in order.

4. Freshen up your rugs

As well as washing the windows, cleaning the curtains and refreshing the bedding, spring is also the perfect time to give your rugs and floor coverings a new lease of life. Remove your rugs from the floor completely, so that you can vacuum underneath them, and check the care label about how to clean yours safely.

You can simply give them a good vacuum and hang them outside to air (giving them a good beating to remove dust), or you might be able to get them dry-cleaned, depending on the material. Finally, a touch of fabric freshener will leave your rug smelling as fresh as a spring flower. If it's time for a brand-new rug, then check out our full range and treat yourself to something beautiful today.

5. Tackle the garden

If you're lucky enough to have outdoor space, whether that be a garden or a small balcony, then spring is the perfect time to get it in order. Give your BBQ a clean, power wash the driveway, deweed your flower beds and even consider planting something new. Remember, the front of the house is where all your curb appeal lies, so don't forget to give your front door a wipe down – or even a lick of paint – and ensure the path leading to it is spick and span.

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