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Santorini Traditional Floral Round rug v3 | Round Rugs in the Bedroom: A Unique Touch

Round Rugs in the Bedroom: A Unique Touch

Changing up your bedroom decor? If so, round rugs are the way to go. Many home designers believe round rugs are the perfect substitute for the traditional rectangular rugs as they have this ability to add more appeal due to their unusual shape. While you can use these rugs pretty much anywhere, we will be focusing on the bedroom in this article.
Imagine a cold winter day and you're inside your bedroom with a warm and cosy atmosphere created by the round rug at the centre of your bedroom. How awesome would that be?

Round rugs also show their potential well in smaller areas as they soften the room's sharp edges, plus they work perfectly if you want to go for a layered look.
Is your interest piqued? Keep on reading to learn more about round rugs in the bedroom and how they adda unique touch.

Should you choose a round rug or a rectangular one for your bedroom?

When there’s talk of rugs many of us imagine a rectangular rug without any hesitation as that is the most common shape rugs come in, but nowadays many are trying to change things up by buying a round rug for their spaces like bedrooms.

Round rugs can be quite effective in large open spaces such as offices, living rooms and sitting areas as well. There are various round rugs in different shapes and colours, which you can use in layers or isolation to balance the aesthetics or even bring together multiple circular rugs to make a unique look.

These rugs are the perfect addition to smaller bedrooms or any room with sharp edges. And if you're stuck between choosing a rectangular or round rug for your room, the following points might help you choose the right shape for your room:

  1. Consider your future needs when choosing a shape.
  2. Pick the best shape based on the available space in the room because it should be within the limited space.
  3. Round or semicircle shape for low-traffic areas like bedrooms.
  4. Circular rugs are perfect to cover the floor but show it off simultaneously.

 Trendy border Trellis Round Rug V2

Why choose a round rug for your bedroom?

As you might know, round rugs became popular during previous years. When browsing casual rugs, rectangular is one of the most shapes you’ll come across whether it be for the living room, dining room or a bedroom.

But why would anyone want to go for a round rug instead? In case you're wondering why a round rug is considered to be so popular, here’s why:

  •   Versatility:

Let’s get the obvious out of the way, you can use round rugs anywhere. From bedrooms, dining room, kitchen… etc. it doesn't matter where you want to use it, a round rug can complement your space, even if you choose it as a subtle addition to your room. 

  •   Beautiful and authentic:

All modern round rugs, regardless of the materials used to make the piles, give a fresh and original look to the home or commercial spaces. Today, round rugs are available in different designs and colours and add a unique look and beauty to any room, which means an easy choice. No matter what the current theme of your home is, you can find the perfect round rug to complement your existing decor.

  •   Comfort:

As mentioned above, these rugs are counted among the casual rugs and made from different materials, such as wool, cotton, and synthetic fibres, meaning they will be different in comfort and texture level. That doesn't change the fact that they are always one of the best choices to make a room feel as comfy as they come.

One thing every bedroom has in common is heavy foot traffic. With this being the case, the rug you choose must be durable enough to resist everyday wear and tear. As round rugs are made from high-quality materials that are durable and long lasting, many people choose them for their bedrooms. 

  •   Easy to Clean:

Last but not least, round rugs are made from easy to clean materials. With regular vacuuming and spot cleaning, you can keep your carpet looking good as new. We all know how vital it is to keep a rug clean especially for a child’s bedroom that is more likely to get dirty. while we're on the topic, if you're looking to buy, you can check out our Santorini rug collection for a wide variety of rectangular and round rugs

 Trendy Border Trellis Round rug

How to decorate your bedroom with a round rug?

A bedroom isn't just a place to crash; it's your chill zone where you recharge. So, picking the right stuff to make it cosy is key, and a round rug can be a game-changer. It's not just a piece of decor; it's like a magic circle that adds a comfy vibe and warmth to your space. If you want your room to feel more put-together and inviting, a round rug can help big time by being a cool, calm spot for your eyes to land on.

But, there's a bit of a trick to making it look just right. You usually want to place your round rug under some furniture. This isn't just about making it look good; it helps tie everything in your room together so it feels more like a cosy den and less like random stuff thrown together. Here's the lowdown on how to rock a round rug in your room like a pro.

  •   Under a chair or sofa:

 In the first method, you use a round rug size that only the front legs of your chair or sofa are placed on, and the rug still stands out.

  •   Under your nightstand:

Or you can place it under your nightstand so that all its legs are on the rug while leaving enough space outside for the carpet to stand out.

  •   At the foot of your bed:

If you have a large bedroom and prefer a more playful look, choose a round rug and put it at the foot of your bed slightly off-centre to your bed.

  •   Offset to the single bed:

Finally, if you want to use a round rug in your kid’s room, remember to choose a small rug and put it under the single bed to create a cohesive look.

 Santorini Traditional Floral Round rug V2

What is the right round rug size for my bedroom?

If you have finally decided to buy a round rug that reflects your space, the size of your rug should fit perfectly with the room itself, and other elements present in the room. The tips listed below aim to teach you how to choose the right rug size for your rooms. before continuing, our Qashqai rug collection also offers a variety of rugs, both round and rectangular.

  •   Map the specific area on the floor:

This is one of the simplest ways to choose the right round rug size for your bedroom. you can start by measuring and mapping out the area where you want to put it. Then, measure from the centre of the space you want the rug to cover to the outer edge and find the circle radius. Now, you need to double that and find the diameter of your living room rug because round rugs are sold by diameter, such as 4, 6, 8, and 10. Always choose a smaller rug than the space to let some floor show around the edges.

  •   Look at your room furniture for a size guide:

Famous designers like Melinda Trembley believe that round rug sizing depends on your furniture. The next important point that helps you choose the best round rug size is how you want to decorate your bedroom with a round rug and what will sit atop your round rug. You can read the details of this point in the above paragraph, decide about your bedroom decor, and then choose the right rug size based on the mapping technique explained above.

  •   Keep a distance between the carpet and the wall:

Lastly, to buy the best round rug size for your bedroom, leave 6 inches of space between the rug and the wall to create a beautiful border around the round rug. If this space is too small, your room will look a little cramped, and if your carpet is too small in the centre of your room, it will be funny, like a floating island.

 Santorini Traditional Floral round rug

Make your bedroom cosy with a round rug!

Round rugs are the hottest topic today because they are a wonderful decorative tool that you can use to create a cosy and intimate atmosphere and highlight the focal point in your bedroom. While choosing a round rug is as simple as browsing through different colours and designs, some simple tricks like the ones you read above will help you make the best choice and choose the right size.

Here at Home Looks, we are proud to offer you the most attractive collection of round rugs to buy your favourite bedroom rug, receive it freely on your home’s door, and then use it in your bedroom to create a unique touch.


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