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8 Interior Design Trends for 2021 - Home Looks

8 Interior Design Trends for 2021

Just like fashion, interior design trends come and go in the blink of an eye. So, staying in-the-know will help you to achieve a house that is not only beautiful, but bang on-trend too.

We’ve listened to the predictions of some of the biggest names in interior design and have rounded up the hottest home styles for the coming year. Refresh your interior and create a home you’ll never want to leave, with these unmissable interior design trends…

  1. Neutral notes

Every year, paint masters Dulux reveal their “Colour of the Year”, and for 2021, they chose Brave Ground. This energy-boosting shade connects to nature and was influenced by the simple things in life. Warm and earthy, this colour is friends with taupe and mushroom, and is sure to bring balance and serenity to any space.

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  1. Statement rugs

For years now, texture has played a huge role in interior design, and in 2021 the statement rug will have its time to shine. Since natural timber floors will continue to be popular, a statement rug can add contrast and comfort under foot. It’s also a fantastic way to introduce colour and interest into a room.

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  1. Arts and Crafts revival

In 2021, homeowners will be seeking furnishings and accessories that reflect artisanal talent from around the world. Reviving the Arts and Crafts movement of the mid-nineteenth-century, this trend celebrates the beauty of handmade, decorative pieces that are truly unique – picture hand-finished embellishments, classic silhouettes and refined elegance.

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  1. Nostalgia

For years now, retro furnishings have continued to fall back into fashion and 2021 will be no different. While mid-century modern décor is still very much in, we will begin to see pieces influenced by other eras, too. Pair your statement furnishings with modern makes in order to create a cohesive space with a hint of nostalgia. Think Laura Ashley-inspired florals, classic silhouettes and traditional decoration.

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  1. Global influence

In 2021, it won’t just be Scandinavia that provides homeowners with interior design inspiration. While Danish décor will continue to be big, so too will pieces that transport you to another place. This trend is all about taking inspiration from various destinations around the world, and blending them together to create a rich and diverse interior. From rugs that appear plucked from a Middle Eastern bazar, to beautiful tables that reflect the landscape of Africa, this trend celebrates traditions, age-old patterns and texture.

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  1. Tactile textures

Two key industry magazines, Ideal Home and Real Homes, have both declared 2021 the year of tactile fabrics. Bouclé is back in a big way! This highly textured material adds contrast and softness to living spaces. The sumptuous fabric can be added subtly with cushions and throws, or dramatically with bouclé chairs or sofas. If bouclé isn’t for you, choose textured furnishings that will make you want to curl up and stay put all day.

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  1. Curves and fluted silhouettes

Over the past 12 months, homeowners have sought furnishings with beautiful curves and fluted silhouettes. Offering the perfect alternative to the angular lines of traditional pieces, this trend will see a shift in living rooms as people look for sofas with body, drama and personality. Think scalloped edges, flowing lines and beautiful tufted detailing.

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