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Mayfair Abstract Design Rug (V1)

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£ 75.00 GBP
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Easy To Clean

✔ Floor-Heating Safe

✔ Anti-Static

Size: Rectangular 80 x 150cm


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Exclusive to Home Looks

Hey, let's talk about making your room awesome with the Mayfair Abstract Design Rug (V1). Imagine a rug that not only looks cool but also feels amazing under your feet because it's made from this soft and silky stuff called polypropylene and polyester. This rug is from Turkey, and they're famous for making some of the best rugs out there.

This rug is all about that abstract design, which means it's got cool, random patterns that make your room look modern and edgy. It's pretty thick, too, at 20mm, so it's super comfy to sit on while you're gaming or just hanging out.

Now, here's the deal with this rug:

  • It's made using a machine, but not just any machine. We're talking about a high-tech one that makes the rug super durable with 1 million points of design. That's a lot of detail!
  • It's easy to keep this rug looking good. Even if your pet makes a mess or you spill something, it's no biggie because it cleans up fast and is stain-resistant. Plus, it's totally cool with floor heating.

Choosing the right rug for your room is pretty important. You want something that looks cool, feels great, and lasts a long time, right? This rug ticks all those boxes. And if you're curious about how to pick the perfect rug for any spot in your room, you should definitely check out some tips on choosing the right rug for any room. It's got all the advice you need to make your space look amazing.

And hey, if you're digging the vibe of modern and cool designs, take a peek at other Abstract Rugs too. They've got a bunch of designs that can transform your room into the coolest one in the house.

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