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Lovely Traditional Medallion Antique Handmade Red Medallion Rug 295 X 388cm

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 Introduce a masterpiece of traditional craftsmanship into your home with the Lovely Traditional Medallion Antique Handmade Red Medallion Rug, spanning an elegant 388x295 cm (12.7x9.7 ft). This exquisite piece, rich in history and beauty, is a testament to the timeless appeal of traditional Oriental rugs.

Crafted with Unparalleled Skill

This rug showcases the art of hand-knotting, a technique passed down through generations, made from the finest wool for durability and comfort. Despite its age, the rug's low pile condition reveals a history of care and appreciation, enhancing its antique charm.

A Design of Timeless Elegance

The rug's deep red hue serves as the perfect backdrop for the intricate medallion pattern that adorns its surface. This design, symbolic of traditional Oriental art, brings a touch of sophistication and heritage to any room. Its rectangular shape and considerable size make it an ideal centerpiece for a spacious living area, dining room, or hall.

A Piece of History

With an approximate age of 30-50 years, this rug carries stories within each thread, offering more than just aesthetic appeal—it offers a slice of history. The care taken in its repair and maintenance ensures its continued beauty and significance for years to come.

Choosing the right rug for your space is crucial, not just in terms of design but also in color. For guidance on selecting a hue that complements your decor, enhancing the ambiance of your room, how to choose the right rug color offers invaluable insights.

Additionally, explore our collection of red rugs to discover more pieces that capture the warmth and vibrancy of this beautiful color.

The Lovely Traditional Medallion Antique Handmade Red Medallion Rug is not merely a decor item; it's an investment in beauty, tradition, and art. It promises to bring warmth, history, and sophisticated style to your home, becoming a cherished part of your family's story.

SIZE: 388X295 CM 12.7X9.7 FT
CONDITION: Used, Lowpile
WEAVE: Hand Knotted
PATTERN: Medallion
DESIGN: Traditional
SHAPE: Rectangular


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