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Kalipso Abstract Design Rug (V3)

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Introducing the Kalipso Abstract Design Rug (V3), a marvel of modern rug craftsmanship that beautifully melds the luxurious feel of bamboo silk and viscose with a cutting-edge abstract design.

Boasting a slim 6mm pile height and enhanced with fringe for an added touch of sophistication, this rug is an emblem of contemporary style. Crafted through a precise machine-made process and finished by hand, it showcases high-density knots (2 million points), ensuring both durability and a finely detailed aesthetic.

Designed to accommodate the needs of the modern home, it is easy-to-clean, pet-friendly, stain-resistant, and safe for use with floor heating systems, all while being produced in the renowned rug-making centres of Turkey.

A Harmony of Materials and Design

The Kalipso Rug (V3) utilises bamboo silk and viscose to create a high-quality, silky texture that is both visually striking and soft to the touch.

This choice of materials not only elevates the rug's aesthetic appeal but also contributes to its longevity and ease of maintenance. The abstract design, a hallmark of contemporary decor, brings a dynamic and artistic element to any space, making this rug a focal point in modern interiors.

Craftsmanship That Speaks Volumes

The creation of the Kalipso Abstract Design Rug (V3) is a testament to the fusion of technology and traditional rug-making artistry.

The machine-made structure provides a robust foundation, while the hand-finishing process adds a layer of uniqueness to each rug. The intricate knotting not only enhances the design's clarity but also attests to the rug's exceptional quality and attention to detail.

Tailored for Modern Lifestyles

Acknowledging the challenges and demands of contemporary living, the Kalipso Rug (V3) is designed with functionality in mind.

Its attributes make it an ideal addition to households looking for stylish yet practical flooring solutions. Whether placed in a bustling living room or a serene bedroom, this rug promises to blend seamlessly with your lifestyle, providing comfort without compromising on style.

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