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Henna Horizon Curtain
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Silver, blush and slate tones come together in the Henna Horizon. Decorated with dramatic, Art Deco-inspired geometric lines, this window dressing is sure to add a touch of retro flare to any room. Refined yet entirely contemporary, the Henna will provide a flawless finish, no matter where its placed. Made from the finest materials and fully lined, our curtains can be finished with eyelets or pencil pleats, to suit your hanging requirements.

Fabric Type: Polyester,

Fabric Composition: 100% Polyester , Polyester Lining

Curtains are important decorative elements that add warmth, colour and style to your home. When it comes to curtain shopping there are lots of things to think about. From the material to the style, texture and colours, there are so many options.

One of the first things to choose is the style of curtain that you want. There are many different types and the one you choose will depend on a number of factors such as the window and personal preference. Curtain types include tab top, a series of fabric loops, eyelet (the most popular) or pleated. If you opt for a pleated curtain type you can use these with a curtain track while all the other options work well with a curtain pole.

You can also choose the style of curtain, whether this is a single or a double panel. Most curtains are sold in a double panel which gives adequate coverage for windows of different sizes.   

Curtain fullness is also important. This is a term used to describe the amount of curtain fabric that rests on the track. The fuller the curtain the more the curtain can be gathered. When measuring, don’t forget to factor into your measurements any excess that you might need to account for the fullness level you require. 

As well as curtain styles and heading types you also need to think about the style of your window to make sure that the curtain looks great and is suitable for the window. For a smaller window a heavier set of curtains probably wouldn’t look as good as a lighter set for example. Also consider the material that you want for your curtain. Would you like a lightweight fabric such as cotton or a heavier material to block out the light and cold in the winter months. Read More

Measuring for curtains is important so that you get the right width and height for the window that you intend to cover. You will need two dimensions, the width of the window, measured from edge to edge of the window, with an overlap on either side to allow the curtains to fit the window properly. Then there’s the height of the curtain which is measured depending on the length. You can measure sill length, just below the sill or floor level. Make sure that you measure the height from the pole rather than the edge of the window frame. Leave 15cm at the top and 15cm either side of the curtain to allow for overhang. Measuring curtains accurately is important. Choose a larger curtain if you would like more fabric to fold in a wave when they are closed rather than them being a tight fit to the window frame. Read More

Despite the material that you choose, curtains are prone to sun damage, particularly after prolonged exposure. Always make sure that you buy lined curtains to prolong their lifespan. Vacuum or gently shake curtains to keep them free of dust.

Washing curtains can be difficult and it will depend on their colour, material and details. Always read the manufacturer instructions label before putting them in the washing machine.

Some curtains may shrink during the first dry cleaning cycle and sometimes certain atmospheric conditions can also cause curtains to shrink when they are hanging by the window.

Before cleaning, make sure that you remove all curtain hooks and refer to the care instruction label attached to your curtain.

Avoid the use of high temperatures or steam as these can cause the fabric of the curtain to stretch or shrink.

Good curtain care will ensure that your curtains last the longest possible time and stay looking newer for longer.




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