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Elexus Ruby Traditional Rug

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Silky to the touch, the Elexus Ruby Traditional Rug offers drama, vibrancy, and texture in one. Formed from high-quality bamboo silk and shimmering viscose, it boasts two million high-density knots and has been hand-finished with pretty fringing. Complete with classic decoration and eye-catching hues, this floor covering is easy to clean, stain-resistant, pet friendly and safe for heated floors. Traditional never looked so fashionable!


Pile Height: 6mm

Material: Bamboo Silk and Viscose (High Quality, Silky Texture)

Machine Made, Hand Finishing, High Density Knots (2 Million Points), Has Fringe

Easy-to-clean, Pet-Friendly, Stain-Resistant, Floor-Heating Safe

Made in Turkey

Rugs Buying Guide


When selecting the ideal rug, it is crucial to ensure that it harmonizes with the existing décor, furniture, and surroundings of the intended space. Factors such as room layout, rug style, material, color scheme, shape, and size must all be taken into consideration. It is important to thoroughly research and understand your space and design options to find the perfect rug. For smaller rooms, the classic layout is recommended, while the dining layout is more suitable for dining rooms, matching the table and other furniture pieces. A diverse range of material options are available, from luxurious to more affordable, and some rugs even feature a blend of materials for added style, color, and texture choices. With a variety of sizes, including small squares, circular, and large rectangular rugs, there is a perfect fit for every living area. Choosing a rug is not just about personal preference; it should also elevate and complement the designated space. check out our full rug buying guide for more tips.


Care Instructions

When you buy a new rug, it may shed or expel fluff for a period of time. Regular vacuuming should remove any loose debris.

Rugs are something that will be walked on a lot so they will attract lots of dirt and debris over time. Rugs should be hoovered regularly to maintain their condition.

When spillages occur, blog the spillage with a clean cloth or tissue. Do not rub the stain as this will change the appearance of the pile and it will be very difficult if not impossible to get it back to its original condition. Blot the stain from the outside in to avoid spreading it.

Keep your pets nails trimmed to avoid tears. Avoid wetting the rug too much to remove stains or pet hair and avoid placing the rug in direct, prolonged sunlight as this can cause the rug to fade.

If you are placing the rug underneath furniture, use furniture cups.

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