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Sofa Measuring Guide

Measuring guide

Buying a new sofa can be an exciting experience, but don’t let your excitement turn to despair if your sofa arrives and it’s too small for your living room or too big to get through the front door or lift Don’t forget if you live in an apartment to check the dimensions of a lift including the width of the door and the depth of the lift as well. With this handy measuring guide, we have covered all the basics so you can be confident that the sofa you decide to buy will definitely fit.

The sofa that you buy will often arrive in packaging to protect it during transit. Check the packaging details on the product description to make sure that you factor the extra into your measurements when you start to take the measurements down.

Step 1 The Front Door

First and foremost the sofa must be able to fit through the front door to your home or apartment. If you do live in a block of flats, it also should fit into the lift and through the lift door. Taking these measurements is important because if the sofa is too big to fit in the lift, it may have to be returned. Measure the width and height of the door frame, being sure to reference the measurements that you took earlier, not forgetting to factor in any extra for packaging. Also measure the depth of any lift or corridors to make sure that the sofa can be safely navigated to where it will be placed.

If the sofa needs to come through multiple doors such as a porch, inner door and then a door to your living room, repeat this process for each door to make sure that it will fit through them all. If the door is too narrow, it may be possible to carry the sofa through upright. To check whether this is an option, make sure that the height of the door is higher than the packaged width of the sofa. Also factor in room at the top and bottom to allow the sofa to be manoeuvred through.

Step 2 Corridors and Porches

Once the sofa has been navigated safely through the front door, don’t forget to think about things such as the width of any corridors or inner doors. Sometimes internal doors may be narrower than the front door and this can cause a problem. As well as the width of the corridor, also look at any obstructions such as shelves, radiators or fitted cupboards.

With all of the possible obstructions and doorways suitably measured, it’s time to turn to the sofa itself to make sure that it will be a good fit for your living space.

Step 3 Stairs

This step can be skipped if the sofa won’t need to be navigated up or down any staircases. Measure the stairs at the narrowest point. If this measurement is wider than the packaged height of the sofa, it should fit through. If the staircase has a landing, make sure that there is enough room for the sofa to be turned or manoeuvred. Measure the depth of the landing and the height. Provided that these measurements are bigger than the width, depth and height of the new sofa, it should fit through.

Step 4 Measuring the Sofa

If you are buying your sofa online, you won’t be able to measure it yourself like you would be able to do if you were buying from a store. You will therefore need to look at the online product description to find out what the measurements are when you find the one that you would like to buy.

Typically, there will be three dimensions, the width (W), the height (H) and the depth (D). Depending on the type of sofa that you buy, you may also need to take into consideration other measurements. Corner sofas are just one example because they have two lengths indicated by the dimensions W1 and W2 as well as the depth of each section D1 and D2. Corner sofas are also delivered in more than one package so you will need to make sure that each of these packages will fit in your home.

Step 5 The Room

If you’ve found a sofa that fits all of your criteria from a comfort, style and material perspective, note down the dimensions including the height, width and depth. A good tip is to use newspaper or masking tape and mark out the area in your living room, working with the dimensions listed in the product description. This should give you a pretty accurate representation of how much space the sofa will take up once it’s in place. You can use this as a guide to see how well you can move around the space and that you won’t have any problems when it comes to accessing cupboards, opening doors or drawers once the furniture has arrived.


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