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Curtains Measuring Guide

Measuring Guide

Leaving your windows without any curtains can make your room look much colder and less lived in. Creative window decoration with the right curtains can really add style and luxury to your home, but only if the curtains that you choose are the right size for the window. Too small or too big and they could have the opposite effect of what you are trying to achieve. There are several steps to measuring your window for curtains and these will be explored in this section.

Curtain Pole

The first step is to decide whether you want to mount them on the outside or the inside of the window frame because this will offer a significantly different appearance. That said, if you have vertical blinds, fitting a curtain rod to the inside of the window frame won’t work. Curtains fitted to the outside of the window give an appearance of a larger window and they provide better coverage in terms of blocking out natural light. Inside mounted curtains aren’t as popular, but they do offer a certain type of look.

Before you start to measure the width of your curtain, you need to select the right curtain rod. Don’t forget that curtain rails usually extend beyond the recess of the window and will typically extend between 3 and 6 inches past the window frame.

Curtain Width

The width of the curtain will usually be around one and a half to three times the final width of your window. The fullness that you want to achieve will depend on the measurement of your window.

Curtain Length

To accurately measure the right curtain length, it’s important to have an idea of what style you would like. There are three ways that curtains can be styled including above the sill, typically sitting around 1cm above the windowsill. Below the sill by around 15cm or floor length where the curtain will finish around 1cm above floor level.

Measuring the width

Take a tape measure or measuring tape and measure the total width of the track or pole. Do not measure the window unless it is wall to wall.

Measuring the length

Before you measure the length, determine whether you would like your curtains to be floor level, to the sill or below the sill.

Would you like your curtains to hang from a track or a pole and make sure that this is fitted before you measure for your curtains. Ideally, the curtain track or pole should sit approximately 15cm above the window frame and then extend 15-20cm either side.

To measure the width of the window:

Measure the total width of the track or pole but exclude finials and note down your measurements

Add 2cm to allow the curtains to overlap in the middle when they are drawn

To measure the length of the curtain, measure left, right and centre for floor level curtains in case you have an uneven floor, measure from the top of the pole to the sill, below the sill or the floor following the instructions above.


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