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You don't have to refurnish your entire home in order to sprinkle a little stardust!

Here at Home Looks, every single item has been carefully chosen by our buyers and designers, so that whether it sits on its own or within a group, it makes a statement. That statement is about you but is it also a statement about the uncompromising quality we deliver to our customers.

You can have that exclusive quality look but in the sure knowledge that you have paid the most competitive price available.

Our watchwords are quality and value - the best quality items and the most favourable value.

We all have taste but we all have different tastes. Here at Home Looks we are both designers and economists so no matter what your taste is, the likelihood is that you will find something which suits your outlook, your personality and your pocket -whether you are a family of six or living on your own, we will help you to identify and deliver what suits you. Home Looks will enable you to create your own Look.

Make no mistake, we are not a so-called 'budget' furniture or design house. In other words, our very competitive prices are not a reflection of the high-end quality every single one of our products represents. Our prices reflect the fact that our buyers spend 24/7 scouring the world for the most attractive, best-designed and most functional items at the very best prices - so that you don't have to.

Our buyers and designers have the brief to not only understand our customers' tastes but to anticipate trends and so bring you the very latest that is available on the market, ranging from the traditional to the modern leading-edge space age items but always with value-for-money, sustainability and people at the heart of everything that we do.

As a team we are not only totally committed to customer satisfaction but often more importantly, client happiness. We are fully aware of the fact that every product you buy from us will be visible to you on a day-to-day basis. That means that we have to satisfy ourselves and you that anything you take from us becomes a natural part of your way of life - a part of you and your family.

Yes, although we very much concern ourselves with the aesthetic impact of all of our products, we are still very much aware of the utilitarian aspect of our entire range - but utilitarian with style and class!

It is often said that you can't buy taste - but we beg to differ. In many respects our mission is to help you discover your own taste and that is why our range of products is so vast. Your interior does not have to be black and white and beige to look cool. Very often vintage or even rustic can be cool as well - but then again so can a mix of all three.

So if you want a look that reflects your personality without having that over-designed and sterile hotel room look, we welcome you to have a look through the Home Looks range to find and channel your 'inner designer'.

The most stylish looks are ones which look effortless. We will provide you with the most effortless way to customise your home without breaking the bank.

The most important thing that you should know is that as a team, we do not just preach furniture, furnishings and design - we live it! We sit on the sofas and chairs that we sell and we sleep on the beds that we recommend and as for our dining tables, chairs and accessories - you've guessed it! We practice what we preach or to put it more accurately we listen to what we recommend.

Yes, it is very easy to forget that in spite of the increasing remoteness and automation of the shopping experience, what is at the core of everything is the human experience so the woods, metals and fabrics that you see on our site are nothing without your creativity and imagination.

So please take a leisurely stroll through our site and see if you feel as inspired as we do at the end of your virtual journey or if you feel that we have fired your imagination, please contact us and let us know what specifically interests you.

In the short to medium-term future, many of us are likely to be spending far more time within our own living space - whether it is working from home, gaming or binge watching those box sets! Our living spaces suddenly become not the occasional stopping off space but a place where very often comfort, leisure and work meet.

Now is the time to think about personal style and comfort, self-expression, quality and all at the very best possible value.

Home Looks has never been more relevant.


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