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Blue Rugs

A blue rug for the home is a popular choice because it works with most colour schemes, it is forgiving in high traffic areas and adds a splash of colour too. Associated with trust, security, stability and loyalty it’s easy to see why it’s one of the favourites. In a bedroom, a blue rug can contribute to the tranquil atmosphere perfect for sleeping, while in the living area it can also create a sense of calmness too.  

Blue rugs come in many shades, from light sky blue all the way to darker navy blue. Shaggy rugs are great because they add more texture, particularly when they are placed onto hardwood flooring. Depending on the style you are looking for, you may want to choose a traditional pattern which combines different shades of blue, a modern rug with a bright geometric pattern or something more conservative, combining blue and other colours. You may also want to consider getting a blue and white pattern, as these are perfect choices for coastal themed homes. Creative design elements on the rug can create a modern twist.

As well as factors such as design, style and colour, quality is a major aspect to consider when it comes to rug shopping. The quality of the rug can really make all the difference. We only stock the highest quality rugs in our catalogue so you can rest assured that the rug you purchase will be able to withstand all you can throw at it. Living room or dining area, hallway or study, we have rugs to fit all kinds of spaces and we are sure that you’ll find the perfect one on our website.

Our shopping experience is fast and simple and with so much choice, all you have to do is find the right rug for your home!

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    Qashqai Bohemian Rug

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