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Spring Styles: 5 Gorgeous Rugs for the New Season - Home Looks

Spring Styles: 5 Gorgeous Rugs for the New Season

They say "out with the old, in with the new" and this phrase is never truer than during spring time. The perfect season for a clear out and an interior refresh, spring is all about starting over, letting go and inviting new things into your life and home.

So, to celebrate this glorious time of year we've rounded up five of our favourite spring rugs, to help you add a little colour, freshness and sunshine into your interior. Whether you like bright and bold styles, or simple and elegant, we have a rug for you.

Amsterdam Abstract Design Rug

None of our rugs really capture the colours of spring better than the Amsterdam Abstract Design Rug. As bold as it is beautiful, this striking floor covering is defined by its kaleidoscope of spring colours, from daisy yellow to tulip pink and grass green.

Akin to a modern watercolour painting, this is one floor covering that's sure to invite sunshine inside, no matter what the season. What's more, the contemporary soft yarn rug is super easy to clean, pet friendly, resistant to stains and entirely safe to use on heated floors. What could be better than that?

Stratus Circular Rug Blue

The Stratus Circular Rug was inspired by the contours, textures and beauty of nature. It reminds us of walks through woodlands in spring, where gorgeous old tree trucks can be found, touched and explored. This ultra-modern piece dazzles with subtle shades of blue, grey and cream, while its concentric wood grain aesthetic is sure to add some serious wow-factor to your chosen interior space. Plus, thanks to its material makeup, it's luxuriously silky, with a thick pile that will keep your feet happy, as well as your eyes.

Miami Medallion Design Rug

If you're looking for a more traditional rug that still captures the colours and beauty of spring, then how about the Miami Medallion Design Rug? Chic and feminine, this is a classic piece with a modern twist, thanks to its Persian-inspired print and modern colourway. It blends a striking border motif, intricate all-over pattern and pretty pastels with vibrant jewel tones. We don't know about you, but we think this floor covering is truly one-of-a-kind.

Puffy Shimmer Yellow Shaggy Rug

Ah, the Puffy Shimmer Yellow Shaggy Rug! With this floor covering, we can almost smell the scent of fresh flowers and cut grass in the air! Enough to keep summer going all year long, this luxurious and luminous piece is all about texture, colour and softness. With its daffodil colourings and delicate metallic accents, this ultra-soft piece is sure to create an imposing welcome, no matter where you choose to place it. Plus, it blends two types of 4cm pile for added comfort between your toes. Bliss!

Ritz Abstract Modern Rug Gold & Blue

If these four rugs aren't quite to your liking, then how about this one? Reminiscent of delicate clouds on a balmy spring day, the Ritz Abstract Modern Rug marries together cool jewel tones with a playful abstract print. This is a luxurious floor covering and was formed from the finest materials money can buy. It boasts a lush 12mm pile that's incredibly soft to the touch, as well as a stain-resistant and easy to clean finish. 

If you still haven't found what you've been looking for, when check out our full collection of rugs now. From traditional pieces, to ultra-modern designs, we're sure to have a floor covering to suit your style, and your home.

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