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6 Interior Design Tips for a Flawless Home - Home Looks

6 Interior Design Tips for a Flawless Home

Interior design is a very personal thing. One person's idea of a beautiful space is another person's worst nightmare, but there are a few things that all homeowners can do in order to achieve the perfect home. From lighting your rooms in just the right way, to choosing the perfect rugs for your living spaces, we've rounded up some interior design top tips, in order to help you create the property of your dreams.

1. Don't skip the planning stage

When it comes to creating a beautiful interior, the planning stage shouldn't be skipped. It might be tempting to jump straight in and buy lots of amazing pieces of furniture, but will it all actually fit in your chosen room? Consider scale, furniture placement and the flow between spaces.

To plan how to layout your spaces, grab a roll of masking tape and, using the dimensions of each piece of furniture you're thinking of buying, place the tape on the floor to map out where each item will sit. This will give you a good idea of placement options, floor space and if anything isn't suitable for the space.

2. Symmetry isn't everything

Many people wrongly think that symmetry is incredibly important when it comes to interior design. In fact, by sticking with a completely symmetrical design you could actually end up with a space that feels flat and cold. Instead, interior design experts suggest that you aim for balance instead of symmetry. Consider hanging wall art off-centre, grouping complementary pieces of furniture together and decorating surfaces without overthinking the placement of each item. Go with the flow, be spontaneous and have fun! 

3. Lighting IS everything

Although symmetry isn't everything, lighting definitely is! When it comes to creating a beautiful and inviting home, natural light is key. Light not only promotes positive wellbeing, it also affects how things look and how colours pop. Before choosing a colour scheme for a room, think about how much light it receives. A south-facing room will likely be able to take darker colours, while those with limited sunlight may need to be decorated in lighter hues.

Aside from natural light, the placement of light fixtures is also very important. Often, lighting is the last thing people think about when planning their interior design, but this is a mistake. Carefully plan where overhead, task and mood lighting should go before getting started. Your lighting will even help you determine the placement of furnishings and the overall colour scheme you select.

4. Don't forget the floors

As rug obsessives, we obviously couldn't forget to talk about the importance of flooring. Did you know that the right rug could really transform your space? Many people with small rooms opt for small floor coverings to match, but this can actually have the opposite result to what you might expect.

Small scale pieces can make a room feel cramped, while a rug that covers a large area can instantly make a space feel bigger. Rugs also add plenty of texture, create a focal feature and can help you to define zones in open-plan living areas. Take a look at our stunning collection of rugs to find the perfect fit for your home. 

5. The "Rule of Three"

In-keeping with the asymmetry theme, the "Rule of Three" is an important idea in the interior design game. Put simply, this principle suggests that things arranged in odd numbers are more visually appealing than even-numbered groupings. It also works for arranging items in groups of five, seven and nine. From pictures to candles and cushions, use the Rule of Three to decorate your living spaces and the results will be effortless!

6. Keep things fresh

Once you've finished your interior spaces, sit back and enjoy your handy work. But remember to keep things fresh by giving your rooms a mini revamp every so often. While your wall coverings and furniture might stay the same for years, there are endless ways you can give your interior a makeover without redecorating or spending lots of money.

Change up your decorative pieces, upcycle a piece of furniture, buy a new statement rug, and swap out the photos in your gallery wall. All of these things will help you to achieve a flawless finish that will never feel boring!


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