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Miami Medallion Design Rugs

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Easy To Clean

✔ Floor-Heating Safe

✔ Anti-Static

Size: Rectangular 80 x 150cm


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Exclusive to Home Looks

Picture this: a rug that makes your room look like it's straight out of a cool, adventure movie. That's the Miami Medallion Design Rug for you. It's not just a regular rug; it's like a secret portal to making your space the coolest spot in the house. With a comfy 10mm pile height (which is just a fancy way of saying it's super soft), it's made of this superhero material called polypropylene that can handle anything from a spilled soda to your pet's nap time.

This rug is zapped into existence by machines in Turkey—a place that's pretty much the champion of crafting awesome rugs. Whether your room has floor heating or not, this rug doesn't sweat it; it's designed to chill in the summer and cozy up in the winter.

Thinking your room could use a bit of magic? Sprinkle in some style with the modern rugs collection that's full of designs ready to transform any space into "your" space.

Why the Miami Medallion Rug Rocks

The Miami Medallion Design Rug isn't just another piece of decor. It features this epic medallion design that's kind of like a badge of awesomeness for your floor. It's the kind of rug that doesn't just lie there; it makes a statement. Got juice? Spilled some chips? No biggie. This rug's got a "bring it on" vibe, being super easy to clean and totally pet-friendly.

So, Why Pick This Rug?

Choosing the Miami Medallion Design Rug for your room is like choosing the coolest avatar for your game character. It's built to stick around through all your adventures, easy to keep spick-and-span, and it vibes well with pets and heated floors. Plus, coming from Turkey means it's made with some serious rug-making skills.

If you're on a mission to level up your room, this rug is like unlocking a new achievement. It's not just about having a cool place to hang out; it's about setting the stage for all your epic wins, chill sessions, and everything in between.

Rugs Buying Guide

When it comes to buying a rug, it’s important that it fits the space that it’s intended for and it complements the existing décor, furniture and surroundings. To do this you will need to think about several factors including the room layout, the style of rug, the material and your colour scheme as well as the shape and size.

Rugs won’t work well for all rooms. Runner rugs wouldn’t be suited to a smaller living room while square rugs wouldn’t work with a round dining table. Finding the right rug requires research, an understanding of your space and your design choices.

There’s the classic layout which is ideal for smaller spaces or the dining layout which will make the best use of the available space in the dining room, matching the table and other items of furniture. Material choice is diverse and ranges from luxury through to more affordable and you can buy a rug that has a mixture of materials that gives greater flexibility in terms of style, colours and textures.

There are also various rug sizes from small square rugs to circular varieties and large, rectangular rugs for more spacious living areas. Buying a rug is so much more than simply choosing something you like. It must work well with the space that it is intended fora complete rug buying guide, click on the link.

Care Instructions

When you buy a new rug, it may shed or expel fluff for a period of time. Regular vacuuming should remove any loose debris.

Rugs are something that will be walked on a lot so they will attract lots of dirt and debris over time. Rugs should be hoovered regularly to maintain their condition.

When spillages occur, blog the spillage with a clean cloth or tissue. Do not rub the stain as this will change the appearance of the pile and it will be very difficult if not impossible to get it back to its original condition. Blot the stain from the outside in to avoid spreading it.

Keep your pets nails trimmed to avoid tears. Avoid wetting the rug too much to remove stains or pet hair and avoid placing the rug in direct, prolonged sunlight as this can cause the rug to fade.

If you are placing the rug underneath furniture, use furniture cups.

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