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Goodbye Grey: New Research Reveals UK’s Love of Interior Colour - Home Looks

Goodbye Grey: New Research Reveals UK’s Love of Interior Colour

New research by the UK's leading kitchen specialist, Magnet, has unveiled that 80% of Brits believe that colourful homes can improve mood and well-being.

According to the research, post-pandemic homeowners are more likely to experiment with colour, with almost half of the nation admitting that they’ve introduced colour to their home over the past two years.

Joyful Homes: The Preference for Spaces that Spark Joy Over Trendiness

Magnet also found that when it comes to designing our home spaces, we would much rather create something that sparks joy (29%) over a space that's trendy and stylish (13%). A third of us also believe pastel colours are most likely to evoke feelings of joy and happiness.

We also want our homes to showcase our unique personalities (26%), as well as rooms that are practical and functional. Of these colour enthusiasts, 26% believe colour helped create more joy and 20% said it helped boost their overall well-being in a post-pandemic world.

So profound is our new love of colour that 42% of us say that the stylish grey trend made popular by Instagram influencers, and which once dominated so many homes, is now over. You heard it here first!

Perfect Pastels: Magnet's Solution for Easy Transition to Pastel Colors

While for many, pastel colours are a big hit, around one in ten of us are unsure how to style them. To help make the transition to pastels as easy as possible, Magnet has launched its Perfect Pastels collection, featuring six beautiful pastel shades, as part of its existing Create Colours range – perfect for a spring kitchen spruce up!

When surveyed about how these new colours made each survey participant feel, from a choice of 12 emotions, all except one of these colours provoked feelings of joy, calmness and happiness. Pastel colours remind us of spring (41%), create a feeling of warmth (31%) and help create light, airy spaces (48%). You can read all about how colour makes us feel, on Magnet's website.

So, if you need a new rug to introduce colour into your home, how about one of these gorgeous options? If these don't take your fancy, you can explore our full rug collection to find your perfect fit.

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