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How to Style Your Room with a Black and White Rug

How to Style Your Room with a Black and White Rug

Ever wonder how to make your room feel just right? Every choice you make matters, especially the rug! It acts like the glue that holds everything together, creating a space that feels stylish and put together.

There are so many ways to be creative with black and white rugs!  Black and white rugs work well with many styles, whether you like things modern and sleek or more mismatched and fun.

In this article, we will show you how to use a black and white rug, a super classic choice, to style your space. We'll cover everything from picking the right rug for your room to adding those finishing touches.

Let's jump in and learn how to turn your space into a reflection of you, using the power of black and white rugs!

Choosing Your Black and White Rug

Picking the right black and white rug is important because it sets the mood for your whole room and shows your design taste. for more black rugs, you can check out our wide selection here on Homelooks. Here, we will help you choose a rug with confidence:

Size and Room Layout

Before you start looking at fancy patterns, think about how big your room is and how the furniture is arranged. Measure the space where the rug will go, keeping in mind doors, vents, and anything else that might get in the way. This will help you pick a rug that's the right size and make the room look balanced.

Rug Design and Your Style

Trendy Border Trellis Black and white rug

Trendy Border Trellis Rug

Black and white rugs come in all sorts of designs, from stripes and shapes to wild, abstract patterns. Think about the overall feeling you want for your room and pick a design that matches that feeling.

  •       Modern and simple? Go for geometric shapes or a checkerboard.
  •       More interesting and unique? Try designs with curvy lines or unexpected shapes that add depth to the room.

Colour Scheme

Even though black and white seem like just two colours, you can create many different moods with them. Think about how you want your room to feel and pick a rug that matches that idea.

  •       High contrast and bold? Choose a rug with sharp black and white sections that grab attention.
  •       More calm and peaceful? Look for a rug with greys or creams mixed in to soften the contrast.

Rug Texture and Material

Besides the design and colour, how the rug feels and what it's made of can also change the look and feel of your room. Here are some options:

  •       Soft and fluffy rugs for a cosy feeling
  •       Flat, smooth rugs for a modern look

Think about how easy it will be to clean the rug and how long you want it to last before you make your choice.

Finding Inspiration and Choosing Your Rug

Picking the perfect black and white rug is all about you and your style! Look at magazines, websites, and social media for ideas. Don't be afraid to try different things until you find a rug that you love and that looks great in your room. After all, your home should show your personality, so have fun and make it your own!

Building Around Your Rug

Now that you've chosen the perfect black and white rug for your space, the next step is to build the rest of your room's design around it. This involves carefully selecting furniture, wall colours, and accessories that complement and enhance the rug's style and aesthetic. Here's a detailed guide to help you navigate this exciting phase of the design process:


When picking furniture to go with your black and white rug, think about colours that work well with both the black and white in the rug. These colours should also add depth and make the room more interesting. Greys, beiges, and taupes are great choices because they're neutral and provide a timeless background that lets the bold contrast of the rug pop. You can also go bold with black or white furniture to create a unified look where the rug is the main attraction. If you want to add a splash of colour, consider using accent chairs, throw pillows, or furniture with upholstery that picks up on colours from the rug to tie the whole room together.

The material and finish of your furniture can also play a big role in how the room feels. Wood furniture can make the space feel cosy and interesting. Lighter woods like oak or maple can brighten things up and make the room feel more airy. Darker woods like walnut or mahogany can add a richer and more sophisticated feel. Don't be afraid to experiment with different furniture styles and wood finishes to find the perfect balance between modern elegance and rustic charm that complements the timeless appeal of your black and white rug.


Ritz Geometric Modern Rug

When it comes to painting your walls, choose colours that are kind of bland so they don't take away from your black and white rug. Soft whites, light greys, and beige are all good choices because they show off the rug's design without making the room feel too busy. You could also paint one wall a slightly darker shade of the same colour to make the room look bigger, or try textured wallpaper like fake brick or wood planks to make the walls more interesting. Just remember that the amount of light coming in the windows and the size of the room itself can change how the paint colour looks, so keep that in mind when picking one.

If you want your walls to be more exciting, you could cover them in wallpaper that has black and white designs that match your rug. Wallpaper with stripes, geometric shapes, or even flowers can add texture and personality to your walls and tie the whole room together. Just make sure the pattern isn't too big or too small for the size of the room, and maybe only put wallpaper on one wall so it doesn't become overwhelming.

Adding Personality

This is where your room goes from just a room to something special that shows off who you are! Here are some tips to add your own touch while keeping your black and white rug the star:


Accessories are the cherry on top of your room's design – they make it look even better! Pick things you love that show your hobbies or things you've collected. Try throwing pillows with black and white patterns or colours from your rug to make your couch or chairs look comfy and interesting. Use a mix of soft and hard things, and different types of fabric to make the space feel cosy.

Lamps and Lights

Lights are important because they set the mood in a room. Pick lamps and light fixtures that go well with your black and white rug and make the room feel bright and warm. Look for lamps with black or white shades and bases that match your rug, and try to find interesting light fixtures like tall, curvy lamps or hanging lights to make the room look even more unique.

Artwork on the Walls

Art on the walls is a great way to add your personality to the room! Choose pieces you love that go well with the colours and style of your black and white rug. You can either match the rug with all-black and white art or pick artwork with some of the same colours as the rug. Try paintings, pictures you find in magazines or online (prints), or even photos to create a cool wall that shows who you are.

Pops of Color

Want to make the room feel more exciting? Add little pops of colour! Pick colours you really like that go with your style. Bright yellow, green, or blue can make the room feel more fun and interesting. Throw pillows, pictures on the wall, or even a small table in a fun colour can all add pops of colour that match your rug and make the room look neat.

Personal mementos and keepsakes

This is where you can show off your life in your room! Put things you love around that remind you of special times or people, but try to pick frames, colours, or patterns in your keepsakes that echo the tones of your rug. This could be family pictures in black and white frames, souvenirs from your travels with pops of colour that match the rug, or even old family pieces with similar textures or materials. These personal touches not only add personality to your room design but also create a sense of connection and belonging that makes your space truly feel like home, all while complementing your beautiful black and white rug.

Books and Magazines

Books and magazines aren't just for reading, they can also make your room look nice and show what you like. Put your favourite books on a cool shelf, focusing on covers with black, white, or neutral colours that complement the rug. Stack coffee table books on your table, choosing some with interesting patterns or photos that echo the style of your rug. Or create a cosy reading nook with a selection of magazines and periodicals that have black and white covers or interesting photos that tie in with your rug's design.

Soft Stuff

Blankets, curtains, pillows, and other soft things can make your room feel cosy. Pick fabrics you love that feel nice to touch, and consider textures and patterns that echo your rug's design. You could use soft velvet, warm wool, or crisp cotton to add some variety and make things look interesting. Blankets, curtains, and furniture covers made of these fabrics can make your room feel warm and comfy all while tying back to the colours and patterns of your black and white rug.

Adding the Finishing Touches

Now that you've picked out your black and white rug and furniture, it's time for the fun part – adding the little things that make the room extra special! These finishing touches can really take your room from good to great. Here are some ideas:

Small decorations

Small decorations like sculptures, vases, or candles can really change the way your room feels. Pick things that go with your black and white rug and look interesting, but also things you like!


Mirrors are handy and can also make the room look bigger and brighter. Hang a big mirror on an important wall to make the room feel more open, or put smaller mirrors around the room to make it look deeper. Choose mirrors with frames that match the colours of your rug so everything looks good together.

Curtains or blinds

Don't forget the windows! Pick curtains or blinds made of fabric that goes with your rug to make the room feel cosy. Try different styles and patterns to find ones that look good with your rug and also block light or give you privacy when you want it.

Area rugs (optional)

You already have a great black and white rug, but you can add another smaller rug on top of it if you want! Pick a rug with a different pattern or colour that goes well with your big rug to make things look interesting. You can also put another rug in a different part of the room that matches your big rug a little bit, to tie everything together.

Final Words

Picking out a black and white rug and decorating your room around it is a fun way to show off your own style! Every choice you make, from picking the rug to adding your favourite things, shows what you like. The rug is like the star of the show, and everything else you pick goes with it to make the room look neat and put together. When you look around your finished room, remember it's all you – it shows your personality and can change as you do! So have fun, trust your gut, and enjoy making your house feel like a cosy and inspiring home.

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