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How to Style a Round Rug in Your Living Room

How to Style a Round Rug in Your Living Room

Hey there! Thinking about adding a round rug to your living room? Great choice! these whimsical pieces can make your space feel cosy and inviting, and they look really cool too. They let you play with shapes in a fun way, and they can become the centre of attention in your living room, tying everything together.

This guide will help you pick out the perfect rug and show you how to place it for the best look. We'll show you where to put the rug, how to arrange your furniture around it, and other tips to make your living room look amazing.

So whether you love design or are just looking for ideas, keep reading! We'll show you how to use round rugs in a way that makes your living room look fantastic. Let's get started!

Choosing a Spot for Your Rug

Palma Striped Modern Rug

Palma Striped Modern Rug

Putting your round rug in the right spot is important because it can make your living room look balanced and nice. It also affects how the whole room feels and how you use the space. Here are some ideas for where to put your rug and why they work well:

Importance of Placement

The spot you pick for your rug sets the mood for the whole room. It kind of holds everything in place, shows where the couches and chairs should go, and makes the room look deeper and more interesting.  Whether you put the rug right in the middle or next to a special piece of furniture, picking the right spot can make your living room look and work even better.

Center of the Seating Area

Putting your round rug right in the middle of where your couches and chairs go is a great way to make a cosy spot to hang out. It becomes the centre of attention and brings all your seating together. This makes it easy to chat with everyone and makes your furniture look like it belongs together.

Under a Coffee Table

You can also put your round rug under your coffee table. This makes the coffee table area look even more special and fancy. The rug creates a nice frame around the table, and it feels soft and comfy under your feet. This way, your coffee table area looks like it all goes together perfectly.

Highlighting a Specific Piece of Furniture

Do you have a cool chair or a vintage coffee table that you really love? You can use your round rug to make it stand out even more! Put the rug right under it, or around it. This way, everyone will notice how special this piece of furniture is, and it becomes the main thing people see in the room. This makes your living room look interesting and like you put a lot of thought into it.

Thinking Outside the Box

Who says you always have to put the rug in the middle? There are other ways to use a round rug to make your living room look cool. Try putting it off to one side, you could even hang it on the wall like a giant picture! By trying new things, you can make your living room look unique and fun. living room rugs on homelooks pay a special attention to round rugs.

Furniture Arrangement

How you put your furniture around your round rug is important because it can make your living room look good and work well. It's not just about where things go, but also about making sure all the furniture pieces look good together, even if they are different shapes and sizes. Let's talk about some ways to arrange your furniture with a round rug:

Round Goes With Round

Round rugs look great with other round furniture! Try using a round couch, pouffe, or coffee table with your rug. This makes the room look balanced and calm and connects everything together.  Since the furniture curves are soft and round, just like the rug, everything seems to flow together nicely. This makes the room feel comfy and inviting.

Not Just Round and Round

We talked about how round furniture goes well with round rugs. But that's not the only way to do it! You can also use furniture with different shapes, like squares and rectangles, with your round rug. This can make your living room look more interesting and not boring.

Just remember, if you use furniture that isn't round, try not to crowd the rug or make the room look messy. Make sure all the furniture pieces fit together well, and the rug stays the centre of attention.

Also, think about the size of your furniture compared to the size of the rug. Don't use furniture that's too big, because it can hide the rug and make the room feel crowded. Instead, use furniture that's just the right size so the rug can be the star of the show!

Making Room to Move

When you put your furniture around your round rug, think about how people will move around the room. Leave enough space between the furniture so people can walk around easily and not bump into things. Don't block the paths people naturally take when they walk through the room.

Try to arrange the furniture so it's easy to talk to the people sitting on the other couches and chairs. This way, the room feels friendly and open, but there's also space for people to relax on their own if they want to. By making sure people can move around easily, your living room will be more fun and useful, and the rug will still look great!

How to Style a Round Rug in Your Living Room

We talked about where to put your rug and how to arrange your furniture. But there's more to making your living room look great! Let's talk about some other things you can do to make everything look like it goes together well with your round rug:

Matching Circles in the Room

Look around your living room and see if there are any other round things besides your rug. This could be windows, lights, or even mirrors. If you can, try to pick furniture or decorations that are round too. This way, everything will seem more connected and calm in the room.

Imagine the round rug as the centre of attention, and the other round things like spotlights that make it shine even brighter!

Picking Colours and Feeling the Fabrics

The colours and textures of your stuff should also go well with your round rug. Look at the colours and patterns on the rug and see how they match the paint on the walls, the fabric on the couch, and the other decorations in the room.

Try to pick colours that are similar to the main colours in the rug, but also add some variety to make the room interesting. You can also use different types of fabric, like soft pillows, something woven from nature, or shiny metal things, to make the room feel more fun and interesting to touch. By using colours and fabrics that work well together, your living room will feel cosy and balanced.

Big and Small Things in the Right Places

Not all furniture and decorations need to be the same size! But if things are too big or too small, they can make the room look weird. Try not to use furniture that's way too big for the rug or a rug that's way too small for the room.

Imagine the rug is like a picture in the middle of the room. You want the furniture to be close enough to feel connected to the rug, but not so close that it hides the rug or makes it hard to walk around. This way, the room will feel balanced and comfortable.

Layering Rugs (Optional)

This is a fun way to add more texture and interest to your living room! You can put your round rug on top of a bigger rectangular rug. This makes the room look more interesting and fancy, and it keeps the round rug as the centre of attention.

If you try this, play around with using different rug feels, like fluffy or scratchy, different patterns, and different colours. Just remember, the bigger rug should be a calmer colour or pattern so the round rug can really pop!

The Colors and Patterns of Your Rug

The colours and patterns on your rug are important! They can change how the whole room feels and looks. Here are some things to keep in mind:

Match the Rug to What You Already Have

Look around your living room at the furniture, paint, curtains, and decorations. Try to pick a rug colour and pattern that goes well with this stuff, instead of fighting against it. For example, if your couch is already really colourful and patterned, maybe pick a rug in a plain colour so the couch can be the star! This way, everything will seem like it belongs together.

Creating Visual Interest

Salvador Geometric Modern Rug

Salvador Geometric Modern Rug

The colours and patterns on your rug can also add personality and fun to your living room! Try picking a rug with a cool geometric pattern, intricate motifs, or bold hues to make a statement and infuse the space with energy and character. Alternatively, if your living room decor is more subdued, opt for a rug with subtle textures or tonal variations to add depth and dimension without overwhelming the space.

Balancing Boldness

If you love a rug with a strong pattern or bright colours, think about how it will look with everything else in your living room. Remember, things need to be balanced so the room feels calm and interesting. If your rug is busy, try using furniture and decorations that are plain. This way, the room won't look too crowded or overwhelming. But if your furniture and decorations are already pretty plain, a bold rug can be the star of the show and make the room feel more fun!

Big Room, Big Rug; Small Room, Small Rug

The size of your rug matters! If your living room is big, don't get a tiny rug, or it will look lost. But if your living room is small, don't get a giant rug, or it will feel too crowded. Try to pick a rug size that goes well with how big your furniture is and how the room is laid out. You want some space around the edge of the rug so people can walk around easily.

Pick a Rug You Love

In the end, the colours and patterns on your rug should be what you like best! Choose a rug that makes you happy and creates the feeling you want in your living room. Do you want it to feel bold and exciting, or calm and peaceful? The rug should show your own style, no matter if you like simple things or lots of colours and patterns.

Final Words

Placing a round rug in your living room can be a fun way to make it feel cosy and welcoming.  Think of it like a creative project for your floor! By finding the perfect spot for the rug and arranging your furniture around it in a way that feels good, you can create a space that's both stylish and comfy,  one that reflects your taste. Whether you want the rug to be the main attraction or just a nice accent piece, the important thing is to strike a balance between how it looks and how it works in the room. With these tips in mind, you'll be a round rug styling pro in no time! So don't be afraid to experiment and have some fun - after all, you're creating a space that feels like home!

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