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Colour Psychology: 5 Rugs to Set the Perfect Mood - Home Looks

Colour Psychology: 5 Rugs to Set the Perfect Mood

Did you know that colours can affect our mood, the way we feel and how we behave? Just like bulls respond to red, humans can be affected by colours in different ways, too. Here, we've rounded by some of our favourite rugs and explain what mood they will help you create in your home.

From calming qualities to energy, excitement and even passion, our colour psychology guide will help you to set the perfect atmosphere – no matter what mood you're hoping to create.

Cream: Clean, fresh and simple


Cream: Clean, fresh and simple color psychology


The perfect shades for creating a clean, calm and simple interior, cream, beige and white are three colours that exude freshness. Convey a sense of purity and peacefulness by adding splashes of cream, white or beige to your living spaces – perfect for bedrooms and living rooms. Explore our beige and cream rug collections here.

Blue: Calming, stabilizing and inspiring

Blue: Calming, stabilizing and inspiring color psychology

Considered one of the coolest colours there is, blue is often associated with being a very calming, stabilizing shade. However, it's also a very spiritual and inspiring hue that can create an atmosphere of serenity. This makes blue perfect for bedrooms! Explore our blue rug collection here.

Black: Elegant, grounding and strength


Black: Elegant, grounding and strength color psychology


There's a reason why black never goes out of style. A timeless colour that suits everyone and almost everything, black is a colour that screams power, sophistication and strength. It's also surprisingly calming and used in small doses, can have a grounding effect on your environment. Explore our black rug collection here.

Red: Exciting, energetic and passionate


Red: Exciting, energetic and passionate color psychology


Red is a colour of passion and excitement. It's a shade used to represent Valentine's Day, love and desire. Yet more than this, red is considered the warmest shade there is. By adding a splash of red to your interior, you'll be able to create a bold, exciting and energetic space, making it perfect for the living room or entrance hall. Explore our red rug collection here.

Gold: Luxurious, elegant and positive


Gold: Luxurious, elegant and positive color psychology


Create an optimistic, opulent and sophisticated interior, by incorporating subtle touches of gold. The ultimate colour of wealth, power and luxury, gold is also associated with confidence, passion and success. It also draws attention to itself, so gold is one for lovers of extravagance and drama. Explore our gold rug collection here.

Find the perfect fit for your home, by exploring our full range of luxurious, hand-crafted rugs now. Each one is pet friendly, stain-resistant, easy to clean and safe to use on heated floors.

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