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5 Bohemian Rugs to Add Texture and Colour to Your Home - Home Looks

5 Bohemian Rugs to Add Texture and Colour to Your Home

For years now, Bohemian style has been big news. From floaty dresses to floral prints and carefree homeware patterns, Boho design is all about removing structure and opting for patterns, textures and colours that work in harmony. At the heart of the Bohemian look is personal and relaxed style, which is why we're so obsessed with Boho rugs. Here, we showcase five of our favourite Homelooks pieces, that each offer beautiful and bold Bohemian vibes. Whether you're after a traditional floor covering, or something a little more modern, we've got you covered!

Qashqai Traditional Rug Qashqai Traditional Rug

Beautiful, bold and bright, the Qashqai boasts a stunning traditional print that's both intricate and unique. Defined by fanciful medallion shapes and floral patterns, this rug was influenced by modern Bohemian design, but it's also reminiscent of traditional European weaves from the 18th and 19th centuries. With its soft, medium pile and stunning Persian detailing, the Qashqai is a totally timeless option for lovers of unapologetic drama.

Miami Traditional Design Rug

Miami Traditional Design Rug
If you're seeking something a little different, then the Miami Traditional Design Rug might be to your liking. A fusion of old and new, this edgy and elegant floor covering will stand out no matter where it's placed. Blending soft jewel tones with an intricate all-over pattern, the rug was inspired by Persian prints, but it's entirely contemporary in its finish. Its pretty blue and pink tones and unusual print will instantly ground your living space. 

Paris Kilim Design Rug

Paris Kilim Design Rug

If you're looking for something totally modern, then try the Paris Kilim Design Rug on for size. Although it appears plucked from the stall of a Middle Eastern bazaar, this floor covering is also strikingly original. With a contemporary Kilim transitional motif, this heavily embellished rug is daring and bold in equal parts. It's also available in two earthy shades, making it suitable for both modern and historic homes. 

Richmond Kilim Outdoor Rug

Richmond Kilim Outdoor Rug
The perfect choice for spring and summer, the Richmond is a versatile and striking floor covering that can be used both indoors, and out. The impressive, flat-woven rug was inspired by traditional Kilim designs, yet its finish is entirely contemporary. Reminiscent of a beautiful tapestry, the Richmond blends a striking pattern repeat with an earthy colour palette. Plus, it's hard-wearing, easy to clean and weather-resistant. Where you place it is totally up to you!

Monaco Floral Rug

monaco floral rug Pretty and feminine, the Monaco Floral Rug was influenced by classical Persian textiles. The dynamic and intricate rug blends contemporary elements with traditional design, blending elaborate flowers, petals and vines with a decorative border. Coming in navy, blue and grey, this classically-styled floor covering enjoys a thick weave and delicate mustard, beige and silver undertones. We don't know about you, but we're in love!

If these rugs don't quite meet your needs, then check out our full collection of Bohemian rugs. Otherwise, find the perfect fit for your home by exploring our full range of rugs now. Each one is pet friendly, stain-resistant, easy to clean and safe to use on heated floors.
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